The infamous jelly mould


Took ages to find this, but this used to make my wife and I giggle when it was on the telly on Coronation Street. look at the phallic jelly mould on the wall behind ken. Was on regular around 2003!


How Cold????

Been playing around with the raspberry pi for a little while. Still taking 99% of the things I am doing from others websites.  Liked the idea of using the Gpio pins, so bought a beginners electronics kit from here: Mallinson Electrical for 9.99, which seems good value to me.

Also bought a DS18B20 to measure temperatures.

Wired these up on the ‘Breadboard’ which was really easy using the instructions here, which also installed the web server and made the temperature of my kitchen available on line (need to check if I’ve done it securely!!!)

Great little project.  The bit that had me flummoxed for a bit is getting the permissions on the folders correct, as everything seemed to be working but would just get a broken link when viewing the webpage, but the text file where the data was stored could not be read by the webserver.

Attach it to my Bufallo NAS Drive

What a bloody nightmare!!

Things were going well, working through somones tutorial until I must have got side tracked (strangely this happens often) and ended up trying a different way to do it.

At one point I had my drive visible on the RPi but could only read from it, not write to it.

I spent ages going round and round, installing this and that, but eventually I came across

and although not a goflex drive, seemed to work a treat, although I have my suspicions on whether the drive will still be connected after reboot.

Suggestions welcome.

Make it headless!!!

Well I think I have.

reinstalled the debian image, and instead of plugging it into the telly (because strangely enough my wife has different views on what the tv should be used for!) thought I would try running it from my laptop.

so, I put the image on the sd card using my laptop and diskimager.  Popped this into the RPi and used putty to ssh into the RPi (using the IP address I gathered from the router (and whilst I was there I made the IP address for the RPI static).

I was a bit concerned that the the config menu may stop me, but this runs when you access the RPi for the first time through ssh as well.  I expanded the partition, and changed the password. Then went to install remote desktop.

Again, when reading there seems to be umpteen ways to do this, but I went for this method, using:

apt-get install xrdp

this installed a xrdp server and to log into the desktop, you only have to use Remote Desktop Connection from a windows machine and use the IP address of the PI, which I had now fixed from the router.

Works an absolute dream (although some of the keys seem to be mixed up?)

Pi Reads My tweets!

Loved this one, although as the author agrees it is work in progress.

This python program actually taps into your twitter stream and using google speach, reads out the tweets you receive.  Loved it.

this is the link to his speaking tweets program

A link to it working

In fact Martin O’Hanlons site, makes an excellent read and I hope he keeps it up!!