Resizing Files

It is often necessary to resize files, especially if sending them around via email, adding them to websites etc.  Some sites and software that can be used are:

Shrink JPEG and PNG

both are image formats and can lose quality if shrank.  or

Desktop programme is RIOT (The Radical Image Optimization TOOL) –

Shrink Animated Gifs – alters file size – alters dimensions

desktop software – Gif optomizer free –

Shrink Large Videos

To reduce the size of video files first step is often to convert to mp4

Handbrake – import file output container ->MP4 -> select ‘web optimized’ -> make sure H.264(X264) is selected.

Shrink MP3 Files

online – – select bitrate from dropdown – smaller the bitrate the smaller the file, but it will effect audio quality. 128k is a decent minimum, or try VBR(variable Bitrate)

Shrink WORD files

Images in word documents can be optimized in Word 2013 upwards.  Click image and select Compress Pictures in menu.  you can choose to just di it on one or all images.  You can also adjust the default resolution 220ppi is good enough for printing 150ppi for viewing on screen.

Go to File and under properties, you should see the current size of your document,. From that menu open Options and click Advanced.  You can discard editing data which is used to restore images to their original state, and choose whether or not Word should compress images in the file automatically. You can adjust the default resolution to lower the quality  of the images here as well.

Shrink PDF files

PDF Reducer Free – can reduce the size of pdf by resampling the size of images etc and removing unused objects.

Generally Compressing Files

7-zip – – can archive files saving upto 70% of file size


These are some of the programmes that can be used and I thought it would be handy to have them in one place.


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