How Cold????

Been playing around with the raspberry pi for a little while. Still taking 99% of the things I am doing from others websites.  Liked the idea of using the Gpio pins, so bought a beginners electronics kit from here: Mallinson Electrical for 9.99, which seems good value to me.

Also bought a DS18B20 to measure temperatures.

Wired these up on the ‘Breadboard’ which was really easy using the instructions here, which also installed the web server and made the temperature of my kitchen available on line (need to check if I’ve done it securely!!!)

Great little project.  The bit that had me flummoxed for a bit is getting the permissions on the folders correct, as everything seemed to be working but would just get a broken link when viewing the webpage, but the text file where the data was stored could not be read by the webserver.


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