Another walk over

Well the morning walk with little max done (only a mile around the field, or at the moment pond!). Don’t think I’ll ever get used to this picking up poop. Spent half of the walk reaching.

Just about all of the snow gone now, been raining during the night. Sky looking nice and blue, but still freezing.

Won’t leave max in the house by himself, so another day of mooching around the house ahead, will play with my gadgets, but still wish I had my raspberry Pi :).


What I learned Yesterday

Dog sitting at the moment,  we have Max, our eldest son and his wife’s dog as they are living it up in a wooden lodge in Yorkshire.

Photo 24-01-2013 22 47 03

Yesterday I learned that you walk an awful lot further when you have a dog.

Also been doing a bit of learning of the Python Programming language, I found out it was easier to learn when you were younger.