.Pages to docx

I was sent a couple of documents today that must have been produced on Pages on the Mac.  We couldn’t open them, but the easy work-around was to log into my icloud.com account which has Pages available online.  Upload the documents and then download them in the word format.  Sorted!!


Didn’t think this would work, but searching in google for software followed by 94FBR shows sites that may have keys for the relevant software. 

Haven’t tried if the codes work, and guess they shouldn’t be used anyway, but was suprided this worked. 

Facebook Issues on Chrome

Today, a colleague was having issues on his Facebook where things were not loading and when clicking on his messages and Notifications they were not loading.

Clearing the Chrome Browser Cache seemed to sort out the problem.

In Chrome click on the three dots at the top right to open the menu.

Hit settings

At the bottom of this screen click on the advanced options if they aren’t already open.

in the privacy section, click on the clear browsing cache button and in my case I selected the last hour option and selected everything BUT the passwords boxes.

Hit Ok and it seemed to sort out the issue.

Scanning photos into Google Photos

Great app that has been developed by google to allow an easy way of getting your old printed photos into google photos.

It’s called PhotoScan and can be downloaded for android and iOS.

It’s really simple and works great. Take the initial photo and then move the camera to the four marked spots and hey presto it’s done.

Now to scan that drawer full of pics.